Teeth Straightening

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for all of our teeth straightening options

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cosmetic-brace-same-sizeCLEAR BRACES
lingual-same-sizeLINGUAL BRACES
damonnnnnnDAMON BRACES
teeth straighteningINMAN ALIGNERS

If you're not sure which option would be best for you, book a free consultation!


Here at J&R Dental we understand that everyone's lifestyles and circumstances are different. Therefore we offer many forms of teeth straightening to allow you to decide what will suit you the best. The options are available to everyone, you'll be advised which options are best for the movement of your teeth.


What do J&R Dental’s Teeth Straightening Consultations cover?


At our teeth straightening consultations, a full assessment will be made and all the options available will be explained.

The time in which it should take to straighten your teeth, dependent on the above options chosen, are discussed. This allows those who have restricted time for their treatment to decide which option will be the most appropriate.

You'll be advised on any before or after procedures that will be needed, such as fixed and removable retainers. Extras may include Composite Build-Up (a tooth-coloured material is used to build up the tooth) or Whitening.

All costs will be discussed so you are fully informed when making your decision.

Once the consultation is completed, we will email you an initial plan for your straightening treatment. A breakdown of costs and the payment options available to you will be included.

We do offer finance options to make our treatments accessible to everyone. Please Click Here for more information.

Our consultations are free as we pride ourselves on creating a relaxed and pressure-free environment. We aim to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision on what is best for you.  Click the link above to book yours!