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White Fillings

Repair dental cavities with white fillings in Ruislip. White fillings for patients in Pinner, Uxbridge, Ruislip, and London. Book a consultation now!
White Fillings

What is White White Fillings in Ruislip?

Fillings have been used for many years to treat dental cavities caused by tooth decay.

Traditionally, silver amalgam fillings were used, but now most patients from Ickenahm, Ruislip, Harrow, Uxbridge, Northwood, Pinner and throughout London are opting for white fillings because they appear more natural and inconspicuous in the mouth.

White fillings are made up of a composite material which is sturdy and durable giving you a beautiful lasting smile.

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What is the process for white fillings at J&R Dental in Ruislip?

At J&R Dental in Ruislip we recommend getting treatment for a white filling as quickly as possible. Leaving a tooth untreated can lead to a broken tooth, nerve pain, a dental abscess and even tooth loss.

At your consultation, we will examine your mouth and look closely at the tooth that needs a filling. We will discuss the process and course of treatment.

At your next appointment, the tooth that requires a white filling will be numbed using a local anaesthetic. Your dentist will then gently drill through the enamel on your tooth and remove any decay. Your tooth will be gently shaped to receive the new white filling.

Next, the white filling composite material is applied to your tooth gradually in layers and then hardened with a special light. Your dentist may finish off with a file and polish to ensure that the tooth is evenly shaped.


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What are the benefits of White Fillings?

Patients from Uxbridge, Northwood, Harrow, Ruislip, Pinner, Ickenham, and throughout London are choosing white fillings because:

  • White fillings are inconspicuous and blend in naturally with your teeth
  • White fillings made from composite are durable and help to add shape to your tooth
  • White fillings are less likely to be sensitive to hot or cold things which can happen with silver amalgam fillings
  • White fillings require less drilling of the tooth than traditional amalgam fillings

Frequently Asked Questions about White Fillings

Are white fillings better than traditional amalgam fillings?

Most patients prefer the aesthetics of white fillings which are less visible than the traditional amalgam fillings. The other main benefit with white fillings is that they require less drilling, so it preserves more of the natural tooth.

How long do white fillings last?

White fillings last for about 10 years, but with excellent care and a good oral hygiene, they can last longer.

Does a white filling hurt?

The tooth needing the white filling is given a local anaesthetic so you will not feel anything during the treatment. After the anaesthetic has worn off, your tooth may feel sensitive for a while, and this will fade in time.